Turn your photos into paintings 

A very creative way of thinking is to convert a simple photo into a painting. And we all know uses that creative thinking is also one type of art. But what exactly is art? Art is a way to convert your imagination or views into a realistic visualized form.  The more creatively you can showcase your ability, in reality, the finer your art becomes.

Now let us discuss photos. Digital painting Chennai

When any person or image is captured on the screen forever, it is nothing but a photo. This requires the creation of a photographer. 


Painting is again a conversation of imagination into reality with several kinds of paints like oil painting, watercolor, and many more. Nowadays, digital painting, Chennai is a new revolution. However digital painting has become one of the favorites of this generation. So digital painting, Chennai is a renowned one and widely preferred by paint lovers.

Now, this blog is all about turning a photo into a painting. Just try to imagine a situation with your eyes closed. Your solo picture or your picture with your loved one(s) or with your family in a photo frame. How would you feel if you are provided with the same pics in painting form with several kinds of paints? Undoubtedly, it will feel heavenly or something out of the box. 

Yes, friends, there are several options for paints. The most interesting part is that customization is also possible. This point may surprise you as well as you may get panic. But nothing to worry about.

If you are not able to decide what kind of painting will suit your photo, experts are there to suggest the best. But it may happen sometimes that you have a particular preference of your own. In that case, custom oil painting, India is available. There is a pool of painting options like the Charcoal sketch, Digital oil painting, Pencil sketch, and Digital portrait painting. Wow, not only the world today is digital but the paintings are too. 

So till now you people get to know that digital painting, Chennai is in great demand. But do you know that digitalization has also been able to make photo painting online order possible? No need to go anywhere. Just Sit in the comfort of your home and place the order online.  This feature of photo painting online order placements has made this art more acceptable to every corner of the world. Because today no restriction regarding location is there to fulfill your unique taste or dream.

You might not have seen but the trend of converting your photos into paintings was there from ancient times. These paintings used to get framed by the order of Raja, Maharajas to enhance the beauty of their wall. But you may wonder if there was any system for clicking photos? Well, certainly not. Very interestingly, the particular person was asked to stand or sit in a particular pose. And the painter used to paint it for some time. But surely, the technology at that time was not so advanced that photo painting online order placement was not possible.

Let us discuss some of the types of paintings:

1.Charcoal sketch

A piece of charcoal or charcoal pencils is used to paint the photos. But this is not enough. Because at this stage the paint has a high chance of getting erased. So things like gum are very much required to make this kind of painting permanent. This type of painting looks highly attractive and appealing. So if you want to increase the beauty of your house with charcoal sketch painting, avail photo painting online order placement opportunity.

  1. Digital Oil Painting

Custom oil painting, India is a well-known form of painting. Do not think that any colors different from traditional colors are applied. The same types of colors are used but in the form of digital tools like stylus, graphics tablet. Computers or any other well-researched software are even used. 

3.Pencil sketch

Pencil sketches are often called pencil drawings. Very few things are required but a very impressive outcome. Just a wooden pencil with graphite in it is used and most importantly a professional hand is required for more effective results. Yes, it is now possible to enhance the beauty of your photos in the form of a simple pencil sketch. And this looks awesome if framed and given a place in dining or any other room of your choice. 


Wow, what a beautiful and funny art form it is! It is a human picture only, but the artist plays with its features and gives it a funny cartoon look. It is ideal for gifting to children or even elders for making fun together. At the same time, this art form resembles a high level of creativity.

Are you looking for a color sketch? Not to worry, as customized color sketches are also available. 

Some other important uses that you can easily avail is the restoration of photos, gifting purpose. These are explained below:

  • Photos are not just a piece of hard paper or colors. Lots of emotions, memories, remain tightly connected with those photos. So it is very important not to let them get damaged at any cost. So here is the best way to take care of your old photos. Services needed to give a new look to your old but gold memories are available. But remember to avail the services before those photos get fully damaged.
  • One of the advantages of these types of services is their use for gift purposes. For example, a friend can gift another friend on any special occasion, a pencil sketch of both of them with a beautiful frame. A husband can also impress his wife by gifting their damaged old photo in a completely new frame and looking at their anniversary.

Sketchthephotos is a renowned company whose paintings look very realistic. If you want to learn digital painting online free of cost, it is okay. But to experience professional touch you can try companies like Sketchthephotos. They do not offer digital painting online free of cost. Charges are reasonable and services are value for money.

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