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Sketch the photos provides you various services which includes  Digital Portrait Painting, Digital Oil Color Portrait, Pencil Portrait Sketch, Color Pencil Sketch, Photo Restoration, Logo Designing, Charcoal Portrait Sketch, Replica Doll from Photograph, Caricature. You can book any of these services and we will deliver to your door step which will give you complete satisfaction. We also accept money through Paytm and online transactions. We offer  Family Portrait Painting and  Digital Portrait Painting Service.

Family Portrait Painting.

Drawing primarily is an analytical activity. Being expressive it is an emotive medium too. It is an intense yet a playful coordination of visual perception, visual analysis and interpretation, drawing medium and intended subject or message. Since it is done with hands, it is a skill. For a visual artist challenge is to show optimum likeness of the subject in the form of drawing.Representations could be of variety of kinds from informative and realistic to conceptual and abstract.We offer  Family Portrait Painting and  Digital Portrait Painting Service.

Depending on the intentions visual artist selects from the range of mediums to make a drawing more effective since various drawing mediums produce a characteristic effect of its own. A ratio of thickness of stroke to paper is required to be understood. To show meticulous details on a small sheet visual artist may prefer mediums leaving a
thin and sharp mark such as pencil and pen.

To represent the same image on a larger surface one may prefer thicker strokes so that it can be perceived from distance. Incidentally thicker mediums are also soft on paper. Softer mediums like charcoal and bold led pencils effectively respond to pressure,direction and pace of hand movement. We offer  Family Portrait Painting and  Digital Portrait Painting Service.Thicker strokes with subtle variations in tone and thickness help in showing character and expressiveness along edges and mass of the subject. Such bold mediums are preferred in rapid gesture drawings where representation of form happens by the mass of the subject instead of its edges.

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