A Perfect Gift for All Occasions We transform photos into beautiful portraits. Portrait Paintings can be gifted on any occasion – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine Day, House-Warming, festivals etc .A portrait painting is available in various sizes and colors. All you need to do is send us a photograph on sketch the photos which you want to transform into a painting & we will convert it into a beautiful piece of art.Selecting a Unique Gifts for Couples.Our team at Sketch the photos also provide services which include Custom Digital Paintings, Digital Portrait Painting and Color Pencil Sketch.

Custom Digital Paintings.

Finding a unique gift for your boyfriend, whom you love the most is easy when you customize it. Choose a present from one of our categories, including pencil sketch, charcoal sketch, digital painting, Color Pencil Sketch, oil painting and color pencil keepsakes and turn it into a personalized gift for couples with an engraved date, message of love.
An advantage of colored pencils is that the color’s are premixed and consistent; the accompanying disadvantage is that it can be difficult to find a pencil of the exact color you need. Other colors are achieved through layering, placing one color over another until the result comes as close as possible to the desired color and value.
Besides having good lighting conditions, consider the person’s character or personality. There is a reason why you want to draw people. Find a special angle that sharpens the character, makes him or her look attractive. Zoom in to the face and crop it on purpose with your camera, giving you a fresh point of view. Stand up or look down, pictures are not taken  at an eye level.Our team at Sketch the photos also provide services which include Custom Digital Paintings, Digital Portrait Painting, Color Pencil Sketch.
Two main things to remember with colored pencil is layering, and starting out with light tones. Also, have a sharp pencil tip at all times. Invest in an electric pencil sharpener (not an extravagance when using a lot of colored pencils) or get a very good manual pencil sharpener.

Note :-We Do Not Post Any Image Or Artwork On Social Media Or On Website Without Approval From The Client.

Note :-Your personally identifiable information is kept secure

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Pencil Sketch Artist in Chennai

We make every effort to ensure that the painting arrives at your doorstep in perfect condition, but sometimes damages can happen in transit. If in any condition frame gets break please send a snapshot of the complete frame on Whatsapp or email us at [email protected]. We will send a new frame at your doorstep.

Process to place order

  • You can place order for the portrait with the picture either on whatsapp (9777728809) or by simply mailing it on [email protected]
  • To confirm your order you need to pay 50 percent of the amount and we will start the work after completion of the work we will take your conformation through whats app or email .
  • After getting confirmation from your side you need to pay the rest amount for the sketch or painting and then we will deliver through courier at your doorstep.
  • We send courier through courier service provider like Dtdc , Blue dart etc  .
  • We do best packing and deliver our artwork by courier service provider . We give utmost importance in packing our artwork so that is does not get break .
  • We  display our customer’s portrait as sample on our website with the permission of the client .
  • The data & photographs received by customer will not be disclosed.
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