What is Digital Painting ? How is digital painting better than canvas painting?

Digital painting being new in the market is an emerging art form. It is made by using the traditional techniques of painting like impasto, watercolour, oils etc. They are applied to the painting using the digital tools by a tablet, computer or your laptop with the use of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Sketchbook etc. Despite being new in the market, it has gain immense popularity and is mostly used in conceptual design for films, television, and video games. It is a medium that allows you to create beautiful artwork without getting messy with inks or oil paints. Though it is easier in many ways, still it requires many same skills and techniques used in traditional painting.

Digital painting is mostly used in production art. It is also of various types like impressionism, water color and realism. Despite having few drawbacks it allows the artist the ease of working in an organised and non-messy environment. However, some of the artists believe that digital painting misses some of the things like character which is unique to every physically made artwork.

How is Digital painting better than Canvas painting?

There are many reasons why the same can be considered better than Canvas painting. The below-mentioned points can be helpful to understand better:

Computers work faster and they are also one powerful medium to get the work done which in Canvas painting lacks due to the manual work involved in same.

Digital painting artists online understand the painting software better and use varied layers of digitalization for the work. This saves time which in the case of Canvas painting is just the opposite.

In the case of the Digital Portraits, one can make the brush-strokes work faster and with accuracy with sensitivity. The large files can be done without a lag. But if we look around for the traditional canvas painting, the artists take a lot more time than a digital painting artist.
One can make changes easily in case of Digital painting which on an otherwise lacks in case of Canvas painting as it would just double the efforts at large.

Painting digitally, this is how we define the pretty Digital painting while for the Canvas painting the same is recognized by the colour brushes with messed hands and some efforts, again and again, being thrown away to the dustbins.

For practicing the digital painting a digital painting artist needs 2 things, painting software and a drawing tablet which otherwise in case of Canvas painting will require a lot of stuff, which would lie around like a mess, every time a person tries to paint.

Digital marketing has a small learning curve for which the person will take a couple of months to get familiar with and once these hurdles get crossed, there is a lot more scope for them than in case of a canvas painting.

Various uses of it:

The artists around focus on illustrating work and developing their style using Digital painting.

The digital painting artists work in the industry of entertainment and create some of the best of digital production art. This includes concept art or even vis dev art which is one part of the artist-focused work.

One can use digital painting artist online to get everything. They can get webcomics to character design and can also bring forward some of the interesting illustration pieces of art. All one need is the right skillset.

Digital painting is used in webcomics which are created digitally and are popular than the print comics which in no way is the future of the art form.
One can merge the photographs or the 3D models and 2D paintings, which collaboratively is called to be as the photo bashing, one popular tricks used by the digital painting artist online.

With whatever the need of the project is, every artist has its way of handling digital painting art form. They apply shortcuts and save time and ensure the best of video games, movies, digital books, etc to reach our hands. One can also use the printed digital painting made by the digital painting artist online for framing or selling the same.

Either way, it is one form of art which has a bright future without a mess or fuss like a canvas painting. With the best of knowledge attained within the same, one can improve their skillset, painting digitally.

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