The best possible way of restoring your precious memories is via photographs. But photos are delicate items, and with exposure to humidity, sunlight, dirt and water, they get damaged. Considering that these pictures hold a special place in your heart, seeing them getting damaged can be very heart-breaking. But cheer up we at Sketch the Photos help you to rebuild your old photos by the concept of photo restoration that can restore your old pictures efficiently and we also provide the service of Digital Painting Studio.

Digital Painting Studio.

We cherish and appreciate every picture that is entrusted to us as if it was our own. Before you throw away those damaged images, let us look at them. You would be amazed at what can be done to improve pictures that were once thought to be beyond repair. We are specialized in photo restoration and retouching. We fix pictures using the latest technology and photo editing techniques. We will restore your pictures and bring it back to life the people and places you cherish. If you need a picture fixed get in touch with us the team at Sketch the Photos – Digital Painting Studio and we would be glad to help you with the Photo Restoration techniques.

These service requirements are very much needed, and hence you may be surprised at the number of techniques we use to do the photo restoration . But picking one from many can be tough. Reading customer reviews of a particular company which may also provide Digital Painting Studio will assist you to know how good the company is regarding the photo restoration. And that will make your decision making a retouch easier. 

 Proficiency in handling various types of damaged photos “Can photo restoration  remove flaked emulsion or coffee stains on wedding photos?” This is something you have to find out. Again, by going through the reviews of the company, you need to check their website and the list of services listed. Many claims to be the best in the business only when you review there website! 

Removing coffee stains from your picture – Ability to perform face retouching – Taking care of Flaked emulsion – Corrections and color restoration – Photo medley Though there are many more services, these are the common services which most people look for.

Digital proof of previous works Along with their services, another thing to consider when deciding which “photo restoration” is ideal, are evidence of their successful works. The best companies also provide the service Digital Painting Studio will also make it a point to keep samples of their successful works as they know customers want proof of their efficiency. Check for that and if their digital proof of previous photo restoration appeals to you, then they would be the best at doing Photo restoration services.


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