Painting is process of creating picture by applying colour to a surface be it wood, paper or any other material where colour can be done .Painting can make memory of place, objects, stories, decorate wall and illustrate text and vector art .At the beginning phases painting was seen as a black and white painting portrait later on more specifications regarding colours came into picture.

How and when did painting begin ?

Since 20000 years ago when early men had ground up earth they used charcoal and colour powder to create images on cave wall . Sometime they also mixed saliva of animal fats and form a fluid . The first painting was black and white painting portrait which they made was hunting scenes .History painting is a genre in painting defined by its subject matter rather than artistic style. History paintings usually depict a moment in a narrative.

Types of Painting Techniques
Oil painting
Watercolor painting
Pastel painting
Acrylic painting
Digital painting
Ink wash Painting or Literati painting – Chinese black ink
Hot wax painting or Encaustic painting
Spray Painting
Fresco secco paintings – wall painting technique
Gouache – opaque watercolor medium
Enamel paintings
Tempera paintings (are very long lasting)
Sand Painting.. etc

Most Trending Painting?

Digital painting is the art of creating artwork on a computer, which makes it resemble a watercolor painting, oil painting or even an acrylic painting. A digitally prepared oil painting and manually done oil painting will have plenty of differences, since you have access to plenty of other textures and instruments which are easily available on the system and improvisation of black and white painting portrait was done . Yes, you don’t have to worry about paint spills a standing for long hours. You can do the same art in a relaxed manner, at the comfort of your homes.

Types of painting Styles
There are many different types of painting styles, you can focus on a particular style or do a combination of styles. The most sought after painting style by most artists is the western style.

Abstract style
Figurativism / Figurative Art
Art Deco – visual art, architecture and design
Art Nouveau – inspired by nature
Chinese paintings
Japanese paintings
Korean Painting
Indian paintings : Tanjore, Mughal, Rajasthani and Pattachitra

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