Have you ever wondered how to draw a human portrait if you’ve never done that before? You can master a simple technique of drawing the Face even on your own, but at the initial stage you must draw it in pencil step by step. With a little bit of focus and effort, you should be able to draw a quality portrait.Under the Guidance of the Pencil Sketch Artist – Sketch the Photos.

Pencil Sketch Artist.

In order to draw a realistic-looking portrait by the guidance of the Pencil Sketch Artist team at Sketch the Photos, it is important to properly sketch the oval outline. You may have to try doing so a few times. If you want to draw a portrait as accurate as the one which looks real, you must be patient and diligent.

Draw a horizontal line right in the middle of the oval to divide it into two parts, and a parallel line a little bit lower. From the middle of the lower line draw a vertical line and sketch the base of the nose.

You might find the process of drawing a human face fun and really absorbing, especially if you do the first steps correctly. Then you’ll find it much easier to continue. Now, please sharpen your pencil until it is very fine. The eyes are typically the most important part of any portrait. Draw the Eyes, the pupils, the mouth line, and the hairline using curved oval lines.

The mouth is the second most expressive feature of the face. In some cases, it communicates emotion more strongly than do the eyes.

Drawing the mouth correctly often makes or breaks a portrait, the portrait comes alive with a well-drawn and well-shaded mouth. When you draw and shade on the mouth correctly, it suddenly has an energy all its own.

What we find when we read art books is that most of them skip the part on teaching ears drawing by covering the ears with long hair. And even if they did mention the ears, it’s very quick and doesn’t go into details.

Ears come in many shapes and sizes and are unique to each individual. For drawing ears, you will need to get the spacing between the parts right.

Drawing hair is important. Everything else might be perfect but if the hair looks like a bird’s nest or is flat then it will affect your entire drawing. Yes, drawing hair is complicated and frustrating, and often the results are terrible if only you go about it the right way, and do steps in the correct order.

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