The caricature is amongst the most prevalent and popular of all ‘art’ forms. Certainly, comic representations of the rich and famous, the wicked, and the powerful appear prominently in newspapers and magazines the world over. While these images may contain many different aims and agendas, the most striking feature of all caricature is the distortion of the body: the thin are made skeletal, the plump swell to prodigious proportions, noses inevitably lengthen, while eyes either sink or bulge. Distortions of scale are accompanied by exaggerated representations of manner, dress, and temperament. Whether the target is the President of the US, a successful lawyer, or the Queen of England, the caricaturist’s intention is to reveal a personality or characteristic through the comic exaggeration of their most visible feature, habit, or trait.Sketch the Photos team also provide the service of Portrait Painting Artists in Bangalore.

Portrait Painting Artists in Bangalore.

People come in all shapes and sizes and that’s what makes every individual unique and special. If this wasn’t the case then the world would be a really boring place. There’d be no variety or culture amongst society. The degree to which you exaggerate different facial and body features will define the intent behind your caricature design and direct the viewer’s focus around those features. This is where you want to spend some time studying the features of the person you plan to create a caricature of. Ask yourself what features really stand out to you. It can be easy to try and capitalize on every single facial and body feature.

However, focusing on the top two or three defining features will allow you to begin to capture the core attributes of a person. Does the person have a large chin, bushy eyebrows, a giant smile, or a tiny nose? These could be the dominant features that stand out. From here you can continue to build on the caricature with additional exaggerated features that help support those primary attributes. Exaggeration can involve making a feature larger or smaller in a variety of ways. A common type of exaggeration that we see with full body caricatures involves making the head much larger than the body. This is great especially if most of the features you plan to exaggerate are on the face.You can also get the Best Portrait Painting Artists in Bangalore that is Sketch the Photos who also provide you with the Interesting caricatures.

Caricatures and cartoons are the same thing. The difference between the two is that : a caricature is simply a cartoon of someone or something that the viewer can recognize as a specific someone or something. As soon as someone known by the viewer is seen in a cartoon, it becomes a caricature. Nowadays, caricature is a highly dignified form of art that is approved of and used worldwide. Newspaper editors show great respect for the artists who create caricatures for their papers, which ofttimes publish caricatures that might even represent a conflicting ideology. Where this distinctive form of art can be used to portray important and transforming social and political ideas, it can also be provocative to certain groups.

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