Digital Portrait Painting by Sketch the Photos – Here is a true beginner’s step by step demonstration of how to draw roses petal by petal with graphite pencil .

Digital Portrait Painting Service.

To recap, there are 4 main techniques at work to create this rose drawing:

  1. Sketching the outline of the rose
  2. Building and layering – adding shadows
  3. Smoothing and blending with a Q-tip
  4. Lifting off any areas that are too dark with an eraser. Visit Our Artwork At :- Sketch the Photos 

Stage 1:

Start your rose drawing, by drawing an oval shape. It doesn’t need to be great, as nothing in nature seems to be. Anyway you draw it, your rose will look incredible.

Stage 2

Draw a little winding inside the oval. The heading of the winding isn’t significant, nor is the quantity of turns.

Stage 3

Draw a heart around the winding – start at the top with the heart separated contacting the oval shape. Again don’t stress over the state of the heart, left and right side don’t need to appear to be identical.

Different pieces of the heart don’t have to contact the oval shape, however there is not much on the off chance that they do.

Stage 4

Draw a line following the heart shape – start at the top and do a pleasant thrilling shape (like an extremely free letter S) . Make a pointy (V) shape. what’s more, carry it to the base of the heart.

Stage 5

Make a comparative shape on the opposite finish of the heart, this time without the pointy tip, take a stand so it contacts the past shape.

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